Traveling to Charleston, South Carolina

Now and then I like to highlight a location that I have visited and can attest to from my own experience. For Mother’s Day 2018, we (my husband and I) traveled to Charleston, SC to surprise my mother. The following were among the highlights of our trip: Wentworth Mansion We stayed at the Wentworth Mansion this … Continue reading Traveling to Charleston, South Carolina

How to Select a Personal or Corporate Concierge

Are you so busy with work that you don’t have the time or energy to plan personal events or even keep up with basic necessities? Is your task list at work expanding instead of decreasing—though you and your co-workers are working constantly? Have you considered a personal and/or corporate concierge? How would you go about … Continue reading How to Select a Personal or Corporate Concierge

School Days

It wasn’t long ago when the question was what to do with kids for the summer. Now the conversation returns to matters of back-to-school.  There are a few components to these considerations. How to approach shopping (probably those brand-new sneakers from spring received significant wear and tear at camp—assuming they still fit), sitting down with … Continue reading School Days

Did Someone Say “Road Trip”?

Are you planning a road trip this summer? Maybe while your kids are at camp? (See the previous post, “How to Find a Great Summer Camp”). We (my husband and I) have been on two long road trips (Atlanta to Canada and Atlanta to Denver). In this post I’ll pass along the advice that these … Continue reading Did Someone Say “Road Trip”?

How To Find a Great Summer Camp

It won’t be long before school lets out–are you ready for a summer of unoccupied children? Does summer break mean they are unsupervised at home or running back and forth among friend’s houses with little structure or routine? What are the alternatives? Have you considered camp? The American Camp Association asserts that “camp experiences often … Continue reading How To Find a Great Summer Camp